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TERRY’s WAFFLE 2008 More Cheese on it

Friday 19th December 2008 Shep Woolley

Amazing evening, great songs, great humour, mince pies 14 raffle prizes and three real ales being served what more could we want for a Christmas party?

Shep is a master of the stand up comedy routine as well as being the consummate folk singer. His songs, tales and jokes had us singing and rolling in the aisles, a real happy feel good evening.

Sound Tradition as support were their usual spellbinding selves giving us fantastic harmonies and lovely smiley faces. What delightful folk they are.

The two floor singing spots were taken by The Larks who started the evening and performed 15 minutes of accomplished songs and arrangements. This local duo were received warmly and will I’m sure have some success in the future.

Our second floor singer was a real treat. Adrian Nation one of our up and coming singer-songwriters who is making a name for him self nationally came along and did an amazing set. He is here headlining in his own right later in the year and I’m really looking forward to it.

Friday 5th December 2008 Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby

This duo is a remarkable partnership in musical chemistry. Cathryn with her wonderful vocals and rhythm guitar and Brians amazing guitar work blended well through the evening and left us blown away at the finish. Truly great musicians who deserve to be top of the tree.

Support was by Gary Breeze an old friend of The Milkmaid. I really like this guy and I’m amazed other folk clubs don’t ask him to perform for them. He often leans towards Blues and RagTime but this evening we were treated to a lot of self penned songs which were sublime.

The new format for the evening sees a couple of chosen floor singers starting the concert of at 8 00pm. The blessed Linda Baddley opened with one song followed by local legend Sir Paddy Butcher who as always was a delight.

December 2008 Price changes from January 2009

The folk club has made a loss on the past eight concerts and, if this continues, 2009 could see it's demise. I'm sure you don't want that to happen because you wouldn't hear my jokes any more.

We have eighty plus members but only had 15 people at the last concert so it is a bit of a worry.

The Constitutional Club have assisted us greatly in trying to keep noise down from their members bar which we all agree was awful and, having parted from Greene King, they now sell local brewers ales at very good prices.

Membership is due and I hope you can renew for next year. Unfortunately we are forced to increase it to £10 but it's still a potential saving of £44 over the year.

There will now be only two prices (members and non-members). Members will receive a £2 discount on all concerts.

You can still order tickets in the usual way to reserve your ticket and guarantee entry.

See you soon (hopefully)

Friday 21st November 2008 Beck Sian

This was the first concert I have ever missed in The Milkmaids history. I was helping an old friend move furniture and other belongings to the South of France.

I have it on good authority (Steve) that Beck was a very good performer, very professional and enjoyable to watch. We lost a packet but there you go.

Martin Kaszak was the support and I’ve been told did an extremely accomplished set aided by his friend Howard.

Friday 7th November 2008 Expatriate Game

Another great evening with three musicians of the highest quality that make up The Expatriate Game.

Maggie Boyle with her wonderful flute playing and exquisite voice that’s made for the tradition. Guitar legend Duck Baker playing all sorts of styles and singing ‘Old Timey’ and ‘Western Swing’ songs that were delightful and Ben Paley, fiddler extraordinaire, whose tunes and accompanying arrangements were spell binding. Another wonderful concert and a pleasing turn out .

Liz Simcock was our support act along with her boys, Warwick Jones on guitar and Ian Newman on basses.

I never tire of listening to Liz and her fantastic repertoire of self penned songs. She has the talent and ability to become a real headliner of note. In fact she is a guest for the second time here at The Milkmaid next July and that can’t come around fast enough.

Friday 31st October Open-mic/Singers Night

I came along to be part of the audience for this evening. Brian and Dave had organised a very good evening with a variety of local performers. I’ll get a list of names from Brian to add to this report later.

It was nice not to do any work apart from lighting the candles as Brian had asked the regular Candle Monitor, the esteemed Linda Baddely, to MC.  I now appreciate the hard work that Linda puts into her job.

Friday 17th October 2008 Pete Castle

This was the very first guest night I have missed over the years I’ve been running The Milkmaid Folk Club. I was helping a friend move some furniture to France where he owns a house.

The very lovely Brian Kew took over the reins and a good job he did too.

Pete gave a very competent performance which the (small) audience enjoyed.

My dear friend the storyteller John Row was support and he delivered in the manner that only he can. I was sorry to have missed it.

Friday 3rd October 2008 Pete Coe

Friday saw another disappointing attendance and another loss, which is becoming a bit of a worry and very surprising considering the magnitude of the guest. The only redeeming factor is that some folk clubs up and down the country are also having smaller audiences, so it’s not just us.

None the less Pete did what Pete does so well and gave us top quality music and song throughout the evening. The consummate professional, you always leave a Pete Coe concert feeling absolutely well entertained and we certainly were.

Cruel Folk were support and for half an hour gave us their interpretation of traditional song on a variety of instruments as well as a couple of their own. They are really a nice couple of guys.

Tuesday 30th September 2008 Board of Directors

I am pleased to announce that Steve and I have agreed to invite Brian Kew and Dave Bartlett on to the board of The Milkmaid Folk Arts Centre CIC as Non-Executive Directors.

They will take over the marketing and advertising of the folk club immediately. They will also be responsible for the setting up of the room on folk club nights and arranging accommodation for artists. Open-mic/Singers Nights will also come under their wings.

Steve as always will cover all things technical (Sound, lighting IT etc.) as well as being responsible for treasury duties and is an Executive Director.

I will still MC the evenings and enthral you all with my jokes.

This will allow me more time to carry on with fund raising for The Arts Centre, which I’m sure you can appreciate is time consuming.

Barry and Marion will be in charge of the door with occasional help from Eileen (Mum) allowing Jane to have a little break for a while.

Friday 26th September 2008 Dan McKinnon

It was fortunate that Dan was free for this date and The Constitional Club could accommodate us after having to postpone the earlier gig on the 5th. With his rich baritone voice and wonderful guitar playing Dan took us on a picturesque journey around his native Canada and in particular Nova Scotia. What an interesting story and song about Oak Island, Nova Scotia. I’ve looked it up on the Internet and it’s intriguing, I suggest you have a look.

Kiss the Mistress (a Bowels term. when the bowel hits the jack!) opened the evening. It was an extremely powerful and engaging performance-fusing, cello, squeeze boxes, percussion and vocal together. Wonderful!

Steve couldn’t make this rearranged gig as he had a previous long-standing engagement. So, he sorted out a small PA for us to use and he went through it with me Friday pm. Needless to say I couldn’t get it working, even with Dan and Kiss the Mistress all having a go. In the end we decided not to use it and it didn’t spoil the performances. STEVE WE MISSED YOU!

Sadly we’re getting lots of noise from the members bar of the Con. Club which does spoil the evening. A  PA does help to contain the racket but we have to seriously see what we can do to try and stop this. I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

Friday 19th September 2008 Martyn Wyndham-Read

If ever their was a singer I could listen to for hour after hour without getting bored then Martyn is the one. He certainly didn’t disappoint and the evening went by all to quickly. He made my night by singing my request, a song by Cyril Tawney  written for Alex Campbell (I think) called Reunion…absolute magic.

Support was by Peter Twitchett a real stalwart on the folk scene and friend for many years of Martyn. Peter did a wonderful half hour of singing and introductions that set the scene for the rest of the evening.

Friday 5th September 2008 Dan McKinnon

We had to cancel this concert due to Dan's Work Permit not arriving in time. Fortunately we managed to re-arrange this gig for 26th September.

Saturday 16th August 2008 The 1st Bury St Edmunds Community Music Day

This was held in the Anselm Community Centre on The Mildenhall Road Estate. It was a joint venture between The Community Centre and ourselves. We held two concerts, a free one in the afternoon and an evening concert that cost £5 a ticket. All performers gave their time for free and came from around the region. Thanks go to:

The Liz Simcock Band, Al Lyndsay, Marina Florence, Bernard Hoskin, Martin Kazak, Paddy Butcher, Phil Lyons and Mind Set.

 There was a bar and beer from Bartrams and an indoor BBQ. We hope this will become an annual event and are looking at sponsorship and grant funding.

I have to mention poor old Steve, he got out of his deathbed to slave over the sound desk. He was not well at all and to go all day and night, almost without a break, was a commendable feat. (Where did he pee I wonder?)

Summer (Huh) 2008

Well, it’s been a while since I waffled, although some may disagree?

To start with I’ll apologise to those of you that wanted to perform at our Open mic/Singers night on 1st August. It was my fault getting confused with the dates of The Cambridge Folk Festival assuming it was the last complete weekend of July. It started on Thursday 31st.

Talking of festivals I’ve MC’d at four through the summer and attended one as a punter.

The first one being Ely that was probably the best one ever. For the first time in history it was sold out a week before it started. For a small to medium festival it is extremely well run and for you local folkies well worth going to, even for a day! Apart from MCing I run the Club Tent as well and this year roped in Steve who did another sterling job on the sound desk..

The next one was the aforementioned Cambridge. I don’t have to explain what this festival is like. Some of you think it’s too big and others argue it’s good as it showcases folk music to the non-folkies that go there.

I of course, have been running a floor singers stage there for 13 years, on Coldhams Common, which I enjoy immensely. I’ve been going there since 1971 (seventh) and seen lots of changes but a people from those early days still go so it’s always nice to catch up with old friends. I dragged Steve into this one as well and as always……..!

Shrewsbury came next and was most enjoyable. Since moving to the Showground there it has become probably the most significant festival after Cambridge. In fact it reminds me of what Cambridge was like 20 years ago. The highlight for me, for the whole summer, was seeing the performance of The Demon Barber Road show with children from the local schools. They had them dancing Morris, Rapper and Clog on stage with them and a choir of children singing.  I’m hoping to do this project in Bury for next year if the funding comes along.

After leaving Shrewsbury, Jane and I towed the caravan down to Cirencester and after a few days site seeing there, pitched up at The Didmarton Bluegrass Festival.

It was really nice not having to do anything but chill out and enjoy the music. It was a nice surprise as well to meet a few friends I didn’t know were going, notably the Dinsdales who used to organise the late, much lamented, Readham Ferry Folk Festival.

Then a few weeks ago I was invited to MC some concerts at Bromyard or should I say Mudyard.  After four and a half hours towing the caravan in driving rain (on my own as Jane stayed at home) I arrived pretty tired and wet at the festival. It took me nearly three hours trying to get the caravan on site. There had been torrential rain in the afternoon and early evening that made the ground waterlogged and boggy. It proved impossible to tow my caravan on site and I had to find somewhere locally to pitch or go home.

Through the wonders of the mobile phone, the Internet and lovely Jane on our PC we managed to find a campsite at Leominster, which was 17 miles away. All closer ones were either waterlogged or full up.

So I had to commute to ‘work’ which spoilt the visits to the beer tent but again I met some old faces I hadn’t seen for a while which was nice. Fortunately the muddy conditions, which persisted the whole weekend, didn’t really spoil what is a fantastic friendly festival.

Friday 18th July 2008 Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

Another, fantastic evening, this time with Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer.

From start to finish (or Swedish….????) they gave us such wonderful music we didn’t want it to stop. I still can’t remember what the name of some of Vicki’s strange instruments (Nyckelharpa; Steve) but…wow, doesn’t she play them well. Jonny is one of the most accomplished guitarists you’ll find and together their vocals are wonderful. It’s easy to see why they are becoming one of the most sought after duo’s around.

They are going to entertain at our next disability folk club in September.

Spencer:Cleary was our support act. Phillipa Spencer and Brian Cleary are two highly respected musicians from the Cambridge area. They have got together to form a duo performing traditional folk songs from the UK and beyond. They gave us half an hour of really exceptional music both with their instruments and vocals. They will bring a lot of pleasure to folk clubs and other venues in the future.

Attendance Down

I know I’m a worrier as a promoter but this is the fourth folk club in a row we have lost financially. We are in a fairly sound position but if this trend continues we’re not going to survive. I’m hoping it’s because of summer holidays and festivals away etc and come September we’ll be back to normal. In the mean time can we all try and do a recruitment drive and spread the word to friends and family so we’ll have packed houses again. What do you think?

Don’t forget we break for August and the next Folk Club will be Friday September 5th with Dan McKinnon from Nova Scotia. Have a lovely holiday/festival and I look forward to learning new jokes for you when we get back.

Love and kisses,Terry

Thursday 17th July 2008 Disability Folk Club Info Bar Whiting Street

Our first folk club for people with disabilities proved to be very successful. David Dellare from Mawkin and Laurel Swift from Shooting Roots entertained fifteen enthusiastic newcomers to the folk scene. They put on a show that was part concert, part dance (Step and Morris) and a little bit of workshop. Knowing some of the audience I was amazed at how attentive they were for an hour and a half. Even the Carer’s joined in.

Thanks to Awards for All for the grant

Friday 4th July 2008 Jackie Oates

Jackie Oates is another of our newish folk performers on the scene today.  A virtuoso fiddle player and haunting vocalist make her a much sort after singer/fiddler. Her interpretation of traditional songs and tunes leave you breath taken.

Jackie brought with her James Dumbleton who is her permanent accompanist-playing guitar and mandolin. Another highly talented individual who blended well with Jackie’s fine fiddle and vocals.

It’s a wonderful thing to have another generation coming along keeping the old songs and tunes alive.

These two share a house with Jim Causley in Devon, just think of the music resonating from those walls.

Support was by Karen and Colin Cate who gave us a fine performance

Another small audience!!!

Friday 27th June 2008 Mawkin:Causley

I think this is going to be the next high flying folk band in the country.

Having Jim Causley join Mawkin as lead singer is nothing short of genius.

Jim’s fantastic vocal sound works well with Mawkins incredible energy and musicianship. Jim also adds marvellous box playing skills to the band.

They are very lively, very funny and exceptionally talented and I’m sure their soon to be released CD will sell in droves.

Sadly though, where were you all? Another very disappointing turnout to what was an incredible evening.

Gary Breeze did support and showed what a great guitarist and seasoned singer he is. Gary was a regular at The Milkmaid when we were in Wymondham and it was a real pleasure to have him come to Bury. I’ve been lucky to make so many lovely friends through The Milkmaid. But then that’s what our folk community is all about isn’t it?

Friday 20th June 2008 Judy Cook

What a very disappointing turn out we had for Judy Cook and her husband Dennis.

It was such a shame, as I know that the more traditional loving members amongst us would have been in seventh heaven.

None the less they gave us an incredible evening singing traditional American songs and ballads along with traditional songs from the British Isles. Good singing, lovely concertina, wonderful choruses and such lovely warm people too!

A lovely bonus was seeing Mary Humphries and Anahata (who are good friends of Judy and Dennis) amongst the audience

 Pity you weren’t there!

The Molly Maguires did support for us and what a wonderful start they gave to the evening. Led by our good friend Dave Rushton they treated us to Irish music played with absolute delight. Lots of songs and tunes that put us in good heart for what was to follow.

A great night but sadly a small audience to see it. That’s the way it goes sometimes!

Friday 16th May 2008, Peggy Seeger, Martin Carthy, Norma and Mike Waterson

I’ve often used the word ‘legend’ when describing certain performers that have blessed our stage at The Milkmaid. I can certainly say that about Friday’s guests.

When you have four Folk music icons on the stage at the same time in our humble folk club it makes me feel really proud that they wanted to come here and perform for us. They were here two years ago and they told me, that one was the most enjoyable of that year’s tour.

I know they enjoyed themselves again this year and that is down to the wonderful atmosphere you guys created in welcoming them to Bury St Edmunds. Peggy said to me ‘it feels like coming home’.

There’s not really any thing to say about these great people that hasn’t been said before, Martin was as accomplished as ever, Norma performs a song better than anyone I’ve ever seen and there really is only one Mike Waterson.

Peegy wasn’t as political as in the past (The George Bush song being the exception) and being the consummate professional she is, worked the audience in the way only she can.

What these people have done over 5 decades for folk music is beyond measure. All of us that are part of the folk movement in any small or large way owe them a great deal.

That is why I decided to present them with a small token in appreciation of what they’ve done.

I commissioned that lovely man Brian Kew to shape a couple of pieces of wood that we could put a plaque on. At his suggestion he used some ‘Bog Oak’ he was given 30 years ago (found in a field in Littleport) which is between 5,000 – 10,000 years old.

The plaque on both simply said;

‘For your contribution to Folk music over the years, with love from The Milkmaid Folk Club.’

When you have a night like we have just had, when you see the happy faces of people leaving to go home, knowing they have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It makes all the sleepless nights and the worries of promoting folk music worthwhile.

Another fantastic night at The Milkmaid.

I can’t close without mentioning our Steve on the sound desk.

I know there is some debate amongst folkies whether there should be PA’s in folk clubs etc. etc. but I believe a good engineer that knows what he’s doing can be an asset to live musicians.

Steve puts over a sound that you wouldn’t realise is amplified.

 He has that gift of making the music truly acoustic and his reputation as a top sound-man amongst performers is building and so it should, (even if he distorts me at the end…. probably needs a fag…. disgusting habit).

Friday 2nd May 2008 Nancy Kerr and James Fagan

These two incredible musicians performed the most wonderful concert you can imagine. They are always so refreshing, even songs you’ve heard them do many times sound as if it’s the first time.

I mentioned Andrew Lloyd Webbers search for a Nancy TV programme; well we have our own Nancy in the Folk world and we get a Faga(i)n thrown in as well;…..”Got to pick a pocket or two boys”…..? MORE…..? of course we wanted more!  I love ‘em to bits.

The Invisible (Secret….doh) Navvies of Utopia was our support act. For some reason I keep calling them The Secret Navvies, maybe it was because the fifth member of the band was hiding away on his mixer desk to enhance the secret.

How this band has improved with the addition of two lovely female musicians. Sarah  on fiddle and Ann on whistles.  I thought their set was performed with real heart and soul and good ole Joe was as passionate as always. The Navvies are no longer a secret: Nice one!

Friday 18th April 2008 Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrell

This pair individually are regarded as two of the finest folk musicians in the country. They are highly respected amongst their fellow performers and are in great demand to guest on other peoples CD’s.

As a duo they gave us a powerful and magical performance that just endorsed their virtuosity. The tunes, the songs and the banter made for a memorable evening. These are definitely folk music’s traditional champions.

They are lovely people to boot.

Local legend Paddy Butcher supported the evening and what a corner stone of the folk community this man has been. Involved in the original Bury Folk Club during the three decades of it’s life, up to today where he’s an integral part of Bury Bal, Paddy exudes a quiet air of consummate feeling for folk music.  He rested the Hurdy Gurdy and Melodeon and did half an hour with his guitar and vocals, which enthralled us all. Good songs and nice tales are typical of Paddy’s repertoire; long may he reign.

Friday 4th April 2008 Allan Taylor

Allan Taylor has been performing for us over the many years we’ve run the folk club. He’s become a good friend to us and it was great to see him again. He’s recognised as one of the UK’s finest singer songwriters and has had his songs covered by many artists around the world. It was a wonderful evening listening to his distinctive guitar style and unique vocals. His powerful and moving songs reminded me of how lucky we are to have so many fantastic world-class performers playing our folk clubs.

Long may it happen!

Our support act for Allan was Marina Florence from Norwich. She first came to The Milkmaid on an Open-mic/Singers night and did a half hour showcase, Her songs are superb with quite a country feel to them and I am really pleased to have her as one of our bank of support acts. She and her family are also Spurs supporters so she’s got to be good Eh?????

Friday 28th March 2008 Michael Chapman

This was Michael Chapman’s first visit to The Milkmaid and he didn’t disappoint. His mesmerising guitar style and silky voice full of Deep South soul enraptured the audience with his songs. Close your eyes you could be in deepest America on a plantation or lying by a river (Delta of course) such was the power of his performance.  

Jade Rhiannon from Cambridge was the support act and opened the evening with a resounding and excellent half hour set. Self penned songs and old songs were put together with a lot of style and ability. Jade has been booked for The Ely folk festival main stage and you can see why.

Saturday 22nd March  Joan Woollard

 Jane and I had the pleasure to attend Joan Woollards 80th birthday party at The Fire Station in Cambridge on Saturday.

 For those of you that don't know her, she was married to Ken Woollard, founder father of the Cambridge Folk Festival way back in the sixties and was Festival Director for many years until he passed away in the eighties. Joan has become a lovely friend to us and in the past has given us lots of memorabilia from the festival to put in the pubs we had.

The majority of the 80 people sitting  down to a lovely dinner in honour of Joan were from either the folk community or the Cambridge festival past and present.

  The Cambridge folk scene wouldn't be the same without The Crofters and they honoured Joan by performing back ground music as well as a Ceilidh later in the evening.

Joan's close friend and surprise guest of honour (after herself) was Ralph McTell and he performed for forty minutes (Streets of London, Clare to Here, Hiring Fair etc etc) a fantastic night.

Joan is most loved by top performers and has so many stories about the Cambridge Folk Festival....Paul Simon at the first for a fee of £15..... many famous stars sleeping on her floors and in her bathroom, and lots and lots of other background tales. All of us that know Joan are trying to persuade her to write a book about it all!

On behalf of all of us at The Milkmaid I would like to wish Joan a very Happy Birthday, may she have many more and a great big thank you for her and Kens contribution to folk music in this country.

Love you Joan, see you at the festival in July xxxx

Sunday 16th March 2008 The Navvies

  I went and saw the cult band The Navvies last night at The Rising Sun in Bury.

  I was most impressed, the addition of the string and woodwind section has completely rounded out their sound and given a little bit of sex appeal. Together with the craggy rhythm section and the pouting performance of lead singer Joe Bogggs foot tapping and hip swinging was the order of the day.

The Invisible Navvies of Utopia to give them their full name are appearing at The Milkmaid as support for James Fagan and Nancy Kerr on Friday 2nd must be there!

Friday 7th March 2008 Stefan Grossman

Wow…wow…wow, what a night! I hadn’t seen Stefan live since 1971 in a folk club on the Essex and East London border. Jane with her band ‘Tapp Street’ were the resident act and supported him.

We have had so many wonderful evenings at The Milkmaid it’s always difficult to choose what has been the best night but this one is very high on the list. Stefan took me back to those heady days of being 20 years old with a 28” waist (believe) hair to my shoulders and loving everyone. I’ve certainly been blessed like you all have by seeing and growing up listening to these absolutely world class musicians. A lot of us feel very privileged.

Support by Sound Tradition….I cant say much more than I already have on numerous occasions about these three lovely people. They were marvellous once again and I am very proud of Linda because she was feeling really poorly but made the effort to perform. Love ‘em to bits.

Friday 29th February 2008 The Friends Meeting House Appeal

Sound Tradition did their very first 2 x 45 minute sets as headliners for this fund raising concert on behalf of Bury Quakers.

This was their finest hour, the harmonies, choice of songs and the banter made for an excellent evening. The only disappointment being no ‘Abbot’ at the bar but the magic of Sound Tradition’s performance more than made up for it.

That lovely man Andy Wall opened the evening and as always gave a polished and classy performance. We are blessed to have so many fantastic local performers in the region.

The evening raised around £300 for the Quakers Building Appeal.

Tuesday 19th February 2008 Bury Quaker Meeting House Appeal

We’ve the privilege of hosting a concert on behalf of The Friends Meeting House Appeal featuring Sound Tradition supported by Andy Wall at our home at The Con. Club.

Tickets are £7.00

All proceeds to the Bury Quaker Meeting House Appeal

See for further information on this appeal

For more information and reserve tickets ring Claire Greaves 01284 764096

Please come along!

Monday 18th February 2008 NOTICE

The concert with Stefan Grossman on Friday March 7th will be going ahead at The Milkmaid as advertised even though The Oyster band are at the Corn Exchange at the same time.

I complained to the promoters of The Oysters gig about the clash and they suggested joining the two concerts and having Stefan as support.

After consultation with several members of the folk club I decided to turn down their kind offer as Stefan is better listened to in a more intimate setting.

So we’re biting the bullet and hoping you will turn out in your thousands for us because we’re going to need your support for this one.

Friday 15th February 2008 Zoox

Zoox astounded us with their virtuosity of their instruments. Three top class musicians gelling together making wonderful music. All three have performed in world class classical orchestra’s as well as other top drawer folk acts. The sound of that Contra-Bassoon will live with me for a long time.

Bernard Hoskin who runs the cult music club Acoustic Routes did support for us. He performed his own songs in a highly professional and competent way as he always does. Bernard is another local artist that has been a good friend of The Milkmaid over the years and is always welcome here.

Friday 1st February 2008 Tom Napper and Tom Bliss

Wow! I don’t think there are many duos out there as talented as these two. They are seriously good multi-instrumentalists, sing beautiful harmonies, gave us lots of chorus’s to sing and good humour to laugh at. Along with a few pints of Abbot Ale, what more could you want for a good night out?

First time at the Milkmaid, Clara Kousah showed us what a lovely singer song-writer she is. Coming from Cambridge and highly recommended she didn’t disappoint. She will be on the local scene for a long time and will be back at some stage in the future.

Friday 18th January 2008 Jez Lowe

BBC Radio 2’s Folk Awards nominee Jez Lowe gave his usual top class performance. He’s such an outstanding performer and a really nice man. You get swept away with his songs of struggle and injustice that you would think had been in the tradition for years instead of being self-penned. We must have him back next year with The Pennies.

Andy Wall again came along as support and as always gave us a superb half hour.

He is a good friend of The Milkmaid and never lets us down. He runs the Ely Folk Club, which is always worth a visit and only 25 minutes from Bury.

Friday 4th January 2008 Issy & David Emeney and Kate Riaz

Our first concert of the year was a great success. Issy, David and Kate gave us a wonderful evening of songs, choruses and tunes. These three are going to be very successful in Folk Clubs up and down the country as well as festivals. The audience singing was quite incredible, what a great start to 2008.

Local band BOF did support and a grand job they did as well. These are well worth going to see at any time and of course they are part of the famous Bury Bal French dance organisation.

Steve did a great job on sound (as always), bearing in mind I gave him two bands complete with a variety of instruments to battle with.

That’ll teach him to interfere with my mic at the end of the evening!!!!


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