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The Milkmaid Folk Club

Patrons: Anthony John Clarke, Dave Pegg, Damien Barber


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This is a group of various like-minded people who get together to make music.

It varies in number as musicians become visible or invisible depending on their availability and individual wishes.

Toe-tapping tales of pain, loss and laughter will help any gig go with a swing, care of the cheeky band The Invisible Navvies of Utopia. With a healthy sense of their own absurdity, the band has an infectious zest for their music that is hard to resist.

Formed 15 years ago by founder member Joe Bogggs, the strangely titled group are worthy practitioners of the Irish music they so clearly love.

Ringleader Mr Bogggs said: "We hope people don't come along expecting sex and drugs and rock and roll. "We do all the emotions other bands won't touch like fear, anger, people stuck down mines and shipwrecks."

Enigmatic about the meaning behind their eccentric name, the anarchic group are equally as difficult to place in one particular box.

Their fiery brand of Irish and folk music seems to reflect the very irreverent history of the styles they bring to life.

"I don't think you can listen to Irish music and not smile," said Sarah Moss, who plays the violin in the group. "They just have great tunes and you can't resist tapping your toes."

Boasting a complement of bass and acoustic guitars, violins and numerous flutes and whistles, the five-piece band have a floating membership, which keeps the group as fresh as the music they play.

"We have an absolutely ridiculous atmosphere of chaos and fun at our gigs," said Mr Bogggs. "We don't enjoy each other's company very much, we just enjoy the music."

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